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Castaway Maya Segovia known as the "Lady Pilot" is the third castaway voted out in Survivor Philippines Palau

Before they go to the Tribal Council, the girls concede that they want to vote for Troy because of his attitude toward his members.

The boys also concede that they want Maya to be out because they know that Maya is too weak for the tribe. As expected there will be a 4:4 vote but it so happen during the tribal council when Paolo reads and announced that 6 voted for Maya and 2 for Troy.

Maya was thrown out in the tribal council. During her on-the-spot interview, Maya was so disappointed of her two tribe members namely: Mika and Amanda. She thinks that she was betrayed.

Amanda and Mika said sorry to Maya telling that they don't want to do it but they don't have any choice because they need the strongest member in the tribe to continue the fight against the Koror tribe.



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