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Comedy actress Alyssa Alano was recently victimized by a "fake" Ricky Lo.

Last September 1, Tuesday, Alyssa received a phone call from someone telling that he is Ricky Lo.

The "fake" Ricky Lo asked for a gift certificate which worth P 50,000.00 in exchange of good write up in his column and because of that Alyssa without hesitation accepted the offer because she believes that the one she's talking is her co-host friend.

After accepting the offer, Alyssa met the "fake" personal assistant of Lo and gave the gift certificates.

Ricky Lo denies through in his interview that he is not the one who called Alyssa and asked for gift certificates.

After analyzing everything and acknowledged that she is being victimized by a syndicate. She immediately went to National Bureau of Investigation to file a case.

The real Ricky Lo heard the news and telling that it is the second time around that someone pretend to be him.

Ricky Lo is one of the co-host in weekly showbiz show Startalk.



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