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TV-movie actress Lani Mercado, wife of Sen. Ramon "Bong" Revilla is now officially one of the 15 Board of Directors in San Miguel Corporation, known for its food and beverage not only in the Philippines but also in Southeast Asia.

President Gloria Macagapal Arroyo appointed Lani Mercado to be one of the Board of Director in SMC.

Year 2007 when former Senator Ramon Revilla submit Lani's Name in MalacaƱang. Before, Lani is already worked for Anchor Insurance as a member of Board of Directors and SMC Hongkong together with Purefoods which accumulated it for almost one year. But before she accept the position, she was offered for a position as an executive director in Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions but she refused to accept it due to her schedule and tapings in GMA 7 network. Eventhough she is included in the series All My Life, her work in SMC doesn't require to go to office everyday as long it requires to attend the meetings of the board.

We all know that the governments holds 27 percent share of stock in SMC and allowed to appoint Board of Directors in the company.


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