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This coming August 26, Tarot will shake down our life.

Tarot under Regal Entertainment will open the big screen, top billed by two most promising Kapuso star Marian Rivera and Dennis Trillo. The movie was said to be the most scariest and horrible film this year.

In the movie, Marian Rivera plays Cara who has a unique gift: seeing the future through her grandmother's tarot cards. As a child, she already predicted two deaths in her family. And after her predictions came true, Cara's mother Diana (played by Susan Africa) feared for the dangers that her daughter's psychic powers may bring her. She then stopped her daughter from using her gift. Unfortunately, it was love that broke her promise to her mom. When her boyfriend Miguel (played by Dennis Trillo) went missing from a hiking session, a saddened and disturbed Cara was forced to use her gift to look for him. Using the tarot cards to answer her questions, she opened a pandora's box of dreadful revelations about her own life!

Tarot's co-star are: Roxanne Guinoo, Glaiza de Castro, Rich Asuncion, Nina Jose, Ana Quiambao, Gloria Diaz and Celia Rodriguez.


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