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Actor-comedian Keempee De Leon admit that he has planned to run in politics as councilor in year 2010 but in the end he chooses not to continue rather he chose to continue in showbiz.

He also admit that he really wants to help the youth but suddenly he realized that he needs more preparation in financially, mentally and physically aspect.

"Hindi pa ako prepared financially, mentally and physically. Malaking gastos ang pagpasok sa politics at baka bumigay ang buong katawan at pag-iisip ko. Paano ako makaka-function as a public servant kung hindi ako handa, di ba?

The only thing that he can do right now is to helped his friends Quezon City Vice Mayor Herbert Bautista who will run for mayoralty race and Alfred Vargas for 2nd District Councilor in Quezon City.

For now, he wants to concentrate in his coming show together with Regine Velasquez in Are You the Next Big Star?


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