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Hayden Kho admitted to the news in 24 oras that because of the "drugs" he used has led him and Halili to commit the mistake.

According to Lorna Capunan, Kho's legal counsel her client admitted that Kho was hooked in drugs while taking the video together with Halili.

Kho admitted also to Omar Bortijas, road manager of Katrina Halili that they have four (4) videos: 2 dancing, 1 talking and 1 with offensive lustful feelings.

Kho knows that Katrina is suffering right now and may cause more damage in her career, but he insisted that he always pray for Katrina's peace of mind. He also advise Halili to seek for guidance and support to Father Suarez.

Kho denied that he has 40 sex videos.


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