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Reliable reports from within the members of the Cebu Volunteers of Nicanor Perlas said that Nicanor "Nick" Perlas was intentionally excluded in the Presidential Forum hosted by the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

"Perlas and the Filipino people has no place in this forum," allegedly yelled by a member of the chamber when a volunteer requested that Perlas be included.

During that same forum a mock poll was made in which administration candidate Gibo Teodoro, a known ally of Cebu Governor Gwenn Garcia topped the poll with 456 or 47.5 percent of the 960 votes cast by participants.

Surprisingly however, Perlas who was not even in the forum got two (2) votes. Perlas volunteers in Cebu was disappointed with the actions made by the organizers of the event.

Other businessman who want to see fair treatment of candidates had said that they will organize a separate forum where fairness and openness will be made.

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