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Renowned and multi-awarded Filipino folk-rock artist, Joey Ayala and Tapati Tarongoy, both speaking in behalf of Bagong Lumad, recently announced their support for the presidential bid of Nicanor Perlas. Shortly thereafter, highly respected musician Cynthia Alexander independently sent in her support for Perlas. Ayala gifted Perlas and his party, the Partido ng Marangal na Sambayanan (PANGMASA) free use of all his 100+ songs for Perlas’s campaign to advance new politics and a visionary Philippines. Ayala also said that he would help compose the campaign song and participate in some of the campaign events of Perlas.

"Si Nick lamang ang nakakaintindi ng tunay na pakikipagugnay sa kalikasan at tunay na pagbabago (Nick is the only one who understands true partnership with Nature and genuine change)”, answered Joey Ayala when asked why he decided to support Perlas. “Furthermore, Perlas is the only one who has an integral framework for advancing profound sustainable development”, added Ayala. For more than 30 years, Joey Ayala and his group, Bagong Lumad, have been advocating environmental protection and respect for our indigenous identity through their songs.

“This is a significant endorsement”, responded Perlas. “It will make people stop and think: Why is Joey Ayala, one of the most creative and profound singers in the Philippine musical scene today and a role model for many young people, supporting Perlas? The endorsements of Joey Ayala, Tapati Tarongoy, and Cynthia Alexander show that some of the most thoughtful and talented Filipinos in the country see the importance of and urgent need for new politics in the country”, added Perlas. “Their endorsement is a clarion call for careful discernment and reflection, beyond gimmicks, money, dubious popularity, in the May 2010 elections.”

Joey Ayala is the recipient of various awards including the prestigious Fr. Neri Satur Award for Environmental Heroism, given by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) in 2009. NCCA cited Ayala’s creative artistic approach to appreciating our ancestral identity and integrating this with modern Filipino aspirations as well as his powerful artistic defense of the environment. The NCCA subsequently appointed Ayala to be the Chairperson of the NCCA Committee on Music.

Ayala was also nominated by the Junior Jaycees Chamber International as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World in 1993 for his work in arts and culture.

Cynthia Alexander is one of the most revered musicians and singer-songwriters in the Philippines’ contemporary scene. Her intuitive music, characterized by alternate guitar tunings, compelling melodies and prose-poetry reflect an intelligent artist seeking a transformation of pop trivialities.

Joey Ayala at ang Bagong Lumad have 11 albums in total, making them one of the most active local artist in their genre.

Joey Ayala and Tapati Tarongoy met Nicanor Perlas together with the latter’s volunteers and shared their convergent aspirations for the country. There were also light moments where Joey shared his experience composing his songs. Ayala even cracked jokes about politics and a whole range of other topics. Cynthia Alexander sent her support via a text message.

Nicanor Perlas is running on a governance platform that includes dramatic reduction of poverty, eradicating corruption, environmental protection and stewardship, partnerships for social justice, holistic education and inner change, and mainstreaming visionary initiatives of ordinary citizens.


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