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The Last Prince is a fantasy Philippine drama produced by GMA Network. It stars Aljur Abrenica and Kris Bernal under the direction of Mac Alejandre.

The Last Prince tells the fairy tale story of a kingdom in the clouds: Paladino headed by King  Adorno (Emilio Garcia) and Queen Lamara (Carmina Villaroel). They have 3 children:  Princess Saraya (Bubbles Paraiso), Prince Javino (Geoff Eigenmann) and Prince Almiro (Aljur Abrenica).

But the peaceful and perfect life in Paladino is suddenly threatened  when  Prince Javino gone  and because of that, King Adorno declared Prince Almiro as the next successor as King of Paladino. 
The Last Prince also stars Eula Valdez, Angelu de Leon, Chynna Ortaleza, Benjie Paras, Chanda Romero, Paolo Ballesteros, Karen delos Reyes, Stef Prescott, Elvis Gutierrez, Joey Paras, Francis Magundayao, Rita Iringan and Angelie Nicole Sanoy; with the special participation of Carla Abellana.

Headed by A-list director Mac Alejandre and seasoned headwriter RJ Nuevas, The Last Prince will captivate hearts every weeknight, pagkatapos ng Darna, parte ng GMA Telebabad.   The series premiered on January 11, 2010.

Below are the cast and characters of the Last Prince (thanks to the uploader)

Aljur Abrenica plays Prinsipe Almiro, successor to the throne of his father, the king of Paladino. Almiro is a mischievous and playful prince who has to learn how to be responsible before the kingdom is passed on to him. He travels to the land of humans to find a wife.

Kris Bernal plays Lara, a simple lass who captures the heart of Almiro. Lara grows up as an orphan under the care of her cruel aunt and cousin.
Carla Abellana plays Sonia, a human being and Javino’s true love.
Geoff Eigenmann plays Prinsipe Javino, the original successor to the throne of Paladino. Javino, a responsible and intelligent prince, will travel to the land of humans and willfall in love with a human girl. But because of his long absence, the people of the magical kingdom will think that he is dead.
Carmina Villaroel plays Reyna Lamara, Haring Adorno’s kind-hearted wife.

Emilio Garcia plays Haring Adorno, the king of Paladino. The royal kingdom is prosperous and peaceful under his reign.

Angelie Nicole Sanoy plays Bambi, Lara’s young sister. Bambi always comes to Lara’s defense whenever other people mistreat her.

Angelu de Leon plays Mayang, Lara’s cruel aunt.
Benjie Paras plays Rizayo, the kingdom of Paladino’s head diwani. He is loyal to King Adorno.

Bubbles Paraiso plays Prinsesa Saraya, the eldest child of Haring Adorno and Reyna Lamara. She is close to her youngest brother, Prinsipe Almiro.
Chanda Romero plays Rosata, Prinsipe Almiro’s royal ally. Rosata will help the prince find a wife in the land of humans.

Chynna Ortaleza plays Lourdes, the girl who will be hard on Lara. Lourdes blames Lara for the death of her boyfriend.

Elvis Gutierrez plays Guwarko, the black diwani who holds a grudge against Paladino’s rulers.

Eula Valdez plays Adela, Lara’s (Kris Bernal) estranged mother.

Francis Magundayao plays Onuro, another loyal ally of Prinsipe Almiro who will help him find a wife in the land of humans.

Princess Punzalan plays Alwana, the most powerful diwani of Paladino. She forces Prinsipe Javino to travel to Earth, so she could take over the magical kingdom.

Joey Paras plays Salim Salamin, the magical mirror that reports to Bawana (Bianca King) the happenings in and out of Paladino.

Karen delos Reyes plays Minnie, Lara’s loyal and kind best friend.
Paolo Ballesteros plays Anexi, a magician who will help Prinsipe Almiro find a
wife in the land of humans.

Rita Iringan plays Gigi, Lara’s cruel cousin.
Stef Prescott plays Naveya, Prinsipe Almiro’s true love in the kingdom of Paladino.

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