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At last the time has come.  After waiting for almost 22 days, the two tribe is now finally merge!

Both tribes are waiting for the merge to come up but eventually they become disappointed of what is going on everyday. Many apprehensions are coming in their mind.

When they receive a tree mail imposing a riddle, they immediately went to the place wherein Paolo Bediones is waiting for them.  Paolo instructed the team to remove their buffs in exchange of a new one, the tribe shocked and Paolo immediately announced that there will be no more Koror and Airai.  The new tribe named Sonsorol.

No reward challenge happen but Paolo told that the tribe will explore the island using a yacht together with a feast.

Sunset has arrived Paolo instructed again the team to assess the two shelters that Cris and Justine made.  The result has come arrived wherein Justine won the challenge.  Justine cried and never imagined that she was now included as one of the members of Sonsorol.



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