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Former PBA basketball player Cris Bolado voted out  in the last tribal council.

Out of 4 members in the tribe, 2 voted for Cris, 1 for Charles & 1 for Mika.

Before the Tribal council enters, Tara was too nosy with what transpired between Charles and Mika’s previous conversation. Charles said that he did not get any definite response from the sexy chef, about things related to the tribal council ahead. Tara then began to be on the defensive side once more insisting that she could also be in-charge of the tribe, once Mike is removed.

Unaware that the person she’s talking about was listening right behind them, Mika butted in. The cat got Tara’s tongue, but not for long. And what happened next, was a prolonged shouting match between the catty tribe mates.

Cris said that it wouldn’t matter who among the three Aira tribe mates would be voted off. He would also be thankful, regardless of the tribal council’s outcome.

After he voted out by his tribe mates, he has a chance to come back in the game wherein he must fight and battled with a face-off challenge with Justin Ferrer.


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