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Expect the unexpected!

Koror and Airai Tribe was shocked when Paolo Bediones announced before the reward challenge game that there will be a new Airai and Koror members by means of "draw lots". Many of them were not happy and in still shocked!

Paolo instruct them to blind fold their selves and pick the color in a small basket. After picking their color, Paolo started to separate the color red and green. In Airai Tribe, Vlad, Troy, Cris, Mika are still in the group with their new members Louie, Charles and Tara.

Marvin, Echo amd Suzuki was still in the Koror with their new members Amanda, Jef and Shaun.

As expected Louie is not happy, he still wants to be included in Koror tribe because he admit during in his on-the spot interview that it will be hard for him to manipulate others especially Vlad and Troy. As we all know that Louie doesn't like Troy and Vlad.

As for Troy, he believed that his new team was a "dream team". When the game started, Paolo explained the instruction and rules of the game. Each tribe has their own giant map of Palau, complete with its 16 states and slots for its respective flags. The castaways must swim towards the cheat board where they can determine which flag belongs to a particular state. From the cheat board, the castaways should get a flag and swim back to the giant map to place the flag on its proper slot. The first team to complete the 16 flags placed on the right states wins the reward. The entire lap was about 35 to 40 meters.

Paolo then presented the reward - one cart of Filipino’s favorite street foods including fish balls, kikiam, tukneneng and one cart of samalamig. After playing the game, Airai wins the reward challenge.



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