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Because of Willie's "arrogant" in national television, MTRCB chairwoman Consoliza Laguardia said Willie Revillame violated Sec. 3 of Presidential Decree 1986.
In my personal view, Willie’s action was objectionable because he can say those things off camera. He violated the broadcast code of ethics of the KBP and for the part of MTCRB, he violated Sec. 3 of PD 1986, by being objectionable and contrary to good customs and tradition.
Last Monday, Revillame told his network's management to remove the video of Mrs. Aquino’s cortege aired simultaneously in an inset frame on TV screens. The video of the transfer of Cory's body to the Manila Cathedral was removed from his show moments later.

The day after, Revillame apologized publicly through Wowowee and clarified that he had no intentions when he sought the removal of the insets.

Teach him a lesson according to the two media organization who expressed dismayed over Revillame's "arrogant".


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