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Five days after interment of former President Cory Aquino, her youngest daughter Kris Aquino back to work in his SNN (Showbiz News Ngayon) yesterday August 10 and speak up regarding Willie Revillame's issues and her plans in the future. Kris said during her SNN airing, that Willie talked to her and had a conversation but it's vague meaning not clear at all. So Friday the Aquino family watched the full video in Youtube. She also said that during that time they are in midst of arranging and organizing all the things of their mom together with his Ate Ballsy and Ate Pinky in Times Street.

Willie asked Kris if he can talked to the other members of the family. Pinky is the first one who talked to Willie. He asked an apology and Pinky accepted it and told Willie that maybe others won't understand it because of the way you said it but we understand your situation. Pinky said also " As far as I am concerned Willie, it's finished, let's move on. Okay, we accept your apology.'

Again, Sunday August 9 Willie send message to Kris and asked for another meeting to the Aquino family. So Kris decided that her Ate Ballsy is the perfect one to talked to Willie because she is the eldest of the family. She gave her phone to Ate Ballsy. He said sorry again and again and explained everything to Ballsy. Likewise Ballsy said

Willie, as far is our family is concerned, we are already accepted your apology. We are not MTRCB. We are not ABS-CBN. We are not KBP. But we are the Aquino family. And for our family, we take Willie's apology for what it is—an apology. And we accept the apology.


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