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Watch out Fushigi Yugi fans, after a lull in the series Yuu Watase has explored a prequel to Fushii Yugi. In 2003 he wrote the prequel manga entitled, "Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden". These story explores the battle between Genbu and Byako. A battle which took place before the original one between Seiryu and Suzaku. The story focuses on the creation of "The Universe of the Four Gods" and the story of the Genbu no Miko, or Priestess of Genbu, briefly mentioned in the Fushigi Yūgi manga and anime. This is also my post for Lady Java's Music Monday.

A video - montage of images from Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden

Fushigi Yūgi Genbu Kaiden was first published in Sho-Comi in 2003. New chapters are published quarterly in the Fushigi Yūgi Perfect World magazine, and new volumes of the manga come out in Japan bi-annually. This manga is still on-going, making occasional appearances in the Sho-Comi "zokan" issues. Fushigi Yūgi Genbu Kaiden has been licensed in English in North America by VIZ Media and in Singapore by Chuang Yi.

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