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This coming May 31, GMA 7 will broadcast their newest GMA's Teleserye "Langit sa Piling Mo which will aired in GMA Telebabad.

Langit sa Piling Mo tackles about the life of Marj and Rigo who works in an airline industry, desperately looking for answer.  The scene was taken at Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 at Pasay City.

Heart Evangelista.  She plays the role of Marj, a flight attendant works in Eagle Airways and desperately looking for her family.  

Mark Herras. He plays the role as Rigo, a Human Resources Manager in Eagle Airways.  He was typically a silent and serious person.  After his father's death he became relunctant boss and soon to marry Aurora.

Ryza Cenon.  She plays the role of Joy, the youngest and materialistic sister of Marj.  She study in the morning and works in evening as a sexy pole dancer and become the other woman of Stanley (Tonton Gutierrez)

Jay Aquitania.  He will play the role of Felix, the youngest brother of Marj.  He will involve in carnapping syndicate.

Katrina Halili.  She plays the role of Aurora, the only daughter of Stanley (Tonton Gutierrez).  Soon to marry Rigo and she will do anything to destroy Marj's life.
JC Tiuseco.  Plays the role of Gerry, co-employee of Marj in an arline company.  A former basketball player who got injured.  He will fall in love and shining armor of Marj.

Joanne Quintas.  She will play the role of Bianca, friend and former beauty queen.

Daniel Matsunaga.  He plays the role of Xavier, a young pilot in Eagle Airways who falls in love to Marj.  He went to Philippines to find his father.

Tonton Gutierrez.  He plays the role of Stanley, father of Aurora. He will do anything to get what he wants and the only person behinds Rodrigo's death.

Maritoni Fernandez.  Plays the role of Gloria, wife of Rodrigo and other woman of Stanley (Tonton Gutierrez). She loves Rigo so much and knows everything about Rodrigo's death.

Carlo Gonzales.  Plays the role of William, a married pilot.  He will fall in love to Marj and do everything to get Marj.

Marky Lopez.  He will plays the role of Jay, bestfriend of Rigo.

Rey "PJ" Abellana.  He will plays the role of Juanito, father of Marj.  He is accused for the death of Rodrigo.

Ricardo Cepeda.  He will plays the role of Rodrigo, an airline tycoon and father of Rigo.

Arci Muñoz.  Plays the role of Melanie, the leader of the group.  She will do everything to destroy Marj's life inside and outside of the company.

Say Alonzo.  She will play the role of Cita, a kind hearted friend of Marj.

Sheryl Cruz.  She will portray the role of Alma, mother of Marj.

Sylvia Sanchez.  Portrays the role of Mely, the foster mother of Marj.  She is afraid of losing Marj once she find her family.

Marco Morales.  He will play the role of Warren, ex boyfriend of Aurora (Katrina Halili). He came from a poor family and he use Aurora to become rich.

Evelyn Vargas.  She will play the role of Evangeline, a snobbing flight attendant trainer. 

Pictures courtesy of GMA 7



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