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If there is one thing evident during all the presidential forums, debates and during the campaign period, it was very clear that only Nicanor Perlas was respected by his fellow presidential candidates.

Not a single slur nor bad comment had been thrown at the first ever environmentalist and green candidate in the Philippines. He was even applauded and revered by them.

At one forum presidential candidate Jamby Madrigal chose Perlas as an immediate and natural choice in his cabinet. Other presidentiables had also hinted of the same inclination.

However, Perlas always said that he is running for president because he believes that if we want to have our country's problems solve it must be dealt with at the level of the presidency.

Nicanor Perlas, was also observed by others as the only candidate which does not highlight the incapcity or negative issue of his rivals but rather he works on presenting his own platform and take on various issues.

As analysts say, this election would surely be something worth participating and look at from beginning to end.


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