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A page on Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia had revealed the plot and characters of the upcoming telefantasya of GMA 7, Encantadia: The Second Saga.

The most prominent of this revelation is the new race which we will see in Encantadia, the Flamarian.

It was revealed that this race was created by Emre to end the power of the four gems. Characters which belongs to this races includes Helena, Naar, Pyr and Ignis.

Pyr is the father of Mira while Ignis was the resurrected son of Agane and Hagorn.

Encatadia: The Second Saga is the fourth installment of the first original fantasy series of GMA 7 which had been one of the most popular shows of the network. It is said to be the first book of the Second Saga which means that there are still more books in the planning.

The story starts after the death of Arman and Armea in the timeline where Cassandra is still reigning as the queen of Lireo, near to her death.

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