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Recently, showbiz singer Ciara Sotto confirms her marriage on January 2010 to her non-showbiz boyfriend Joe Oconer.  According to Ciara, her family become emotional especially her mother Ms. Helen Gamboa when she informs about her plans to get married.
"I really understand  my mom, I don't blame her, I've been expecting that.  Even me, I was too emotional that time because I'm gonna miss her.  Last Christmas, I give her a card.  While reading it, she cried." Ciara shares.  "It will be a garden wedding, a Christian wedding with 200-250 guests."
The upcoming wedding will attend be attended by different personalities in showbiz like her cousin Sharon Cuneta, Regal Films matriarch Lily Monteverde is one of the principal sponsors.  Mitch Dulce her bestfriend will create her wedding gown.

Lavander is the color motiff of the wedding.

Ciara was included in Mano Po 6 movie.



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  1. Maroussia On June 11, 2010 at 4:19 AM

    It will be great to watch The Wedding Singer, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.