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Amanda won the battle!

After 39 days of pressure, struggle  and heartbreaking situation in Survivor Philippines Season 2 Palau, AMANDA COLLEY VAN COOLL "the Probinsyanang Tisay / Construction Worker" won the title as the Pinoy Sole Survivor.

The results were announced earlier tonight, November 13, via a live presentation at the Studio 5 of GMA Network Center

Out of 7 votes from the jury, Amanda got 4 votes while Justine got 3 votes and 0 votes for Jef.  Amanda won 3 million pesos in cash tax free.

During the last tribal council, Amanda explain to all the jury why she is qualified and deserving to be the Pinoy Sole Survivor.  She told her story about her family especially her mom working as caregiver and  her dad working in day and night eventhough they are old (60 -70 years old)

She also told that if she ever wins the title and the money, she want to invest the money in creating a new business which is the chicken farm.

Congrats Amanda!



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