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Marvin Kiefer is the seventh castaway voted out by his tribe mates "Sonsorol" and the first jury member.

Before going to the hot seat later, it seems that there are definite plans for the upcoming Tribal Council.   They think that Tara should be voted out first because of her attitude, then Marvin will be the next target thinking that Marvin is the biggest threat for them followed by Justine.

But plans can be changed instantly.   During the tribal council, Paolo Bediones asked every tribe members about their reactions and comments regarding the merge. 

After writing the name of who they will vote out, 9 out of 10 voted for Marvin.  But before Marvin leave the tribal council Paolo instructed Marvin to give a black pearl symbolize a +1 vote.  He decided to give it to Mika, the reason is that Marvin thinks that Mika is the leader of the "girls alliance" and cannot be trusted.  Paolo also instructed Marvin to give white pearl symbolize a -1 vote and he immediately gave it to Suzuki.

Marvin accepts his faith because he knew that God has a reason.


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