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I found this video in PEP site just want to share!

A frustrated Aga Muhlach talks about the way things are being run by the government.

Although the interview was taped two years ago in the show Straight Talk hosted by Chito Beltran, some of the Facebook users who posted this clip in their wall, thought what Aga said in that show still makes sense today.



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  1. Shen On October 5, 2009 at 8:40 AM

    We need not only a systemic change but also change in culture, politicians, politics and governance. This 2010 we have a choice and I hope that all of us see it.

    There is a man named Nicanor Perlas who is incorruptible and has a concrete plan for our country.... a change that involves genuine change which also includes our culture and inner change.

    What Aga talks about is the same sentiments why, I and many others are supporting Nick Perlas.

    Want to know who he is? Please visit


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