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Kapuso star Jennica Garcia didn't stop crying while narrating her traumatic experience when she and her family were trapped in their house in Commonwealth, Quezon for due to Typhoon Ondoy

I was so shock and in a panic mode situation wherein I heard many people screaming and shouting

The water filled the whole first floor of their house.  Jennica and her family immediately went to the second floor wherein they had been trapped for almost 5 hours.

Jigo Garcia, father of Jennica now a barangay captain in one of the barangays in Quezon City send a message to her daughter telling that he cannot rescue her because he was also rescuing other children in the area.  He also ask forgiveness to her daughter.

Jennica was very thankful to her fellow Kapuso star Jennylyn Mercado for letting her family and other neighbors stay in their home without any reservations nor hesitations.


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