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Willie's legal counsel filed and submit a counter affidavit to the court.

MTRCB or Movie and Television Review and Classification Board attended the last hearing on the case they filed against Wowowee's TV Host Willie Revillame last Thursday, August 20, 2009

Willie Revillame together with his legal counsel, ABS-CBN's legal team and Johnny Manahan also attended the hearing.

According to Atty. Armando Marcelo, legal counsel of Willie, they have already submitted a counter affidavits to the complaint and other clarificatory questions.

According also to Atty. Zosimo Alegre, legal counsel of the MTRCB, says that the clarificatory hearing that was conducted, it did not mean that any evidence had been provided. It's a matter of personal views and positions.

MTRCB filed a complaint against Willie in accordance with Section 3-C of Presidential Decree 1996 for being objectionable and contrary to customs and traditions in paying respect to the dead

On the other hand, Willie will also face charges and attend another hearing relevant to the issue conducted by the KBP or Kapisanan ng mga Broadkaster sa Pilipinas.



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