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Last Monday, August 3 during the Wowowee, host Willie Revillame's remark was seen on national television

The group Alyansa ng Filipinong Mamamahayag (AFIMA) condemned Willie's "arrogance" in his show referring to the multi-split of Cory Aquino's burial in television. The group also demand that the MTRCB (Movie and Television Review and Classification Board) should give William a "hardest lesson"

The group was reacting to Willie's comment during the segment "Willie of Fortune". ABS-CBN decided to insert a live video of the special coverage of the transfer of Aquino's remains while simultaneously airing the popular noontime show. Because of distraction running in his show, Willie tremendously and demanded the removal of the live clip.

Here's the video regarding Willie's attitude

Many viewers outburst their reaction towards the host stating that the host is "rude and insensitive"

The AFIMA's statement mirrors the same observation:

"HE HAS BEEN AT IT NOT ONCE BUT IN COUNTLESS TIMES! His show is so popular that any bad thing he does is mistaken for a fad or 'alright' by the young. Misdemeanors to him are the general rule, good manners are the exception.

"He was caught by millions of viewers in an act as if he was cheating on his prize-giving game. He was heard several times by several millions utter words without regard to repercussions. He does not care for others. He does not care for his country. He does not care for women. He only cares for his ego.

"His is arrogance and greed. What he wants is what he gets. He does not mind the dozens killed in chasing false dreams he created as a culture of his own.

"So many times he has been in it. Yet in no time has he been called to repent. He is sacred even as he desecrates. Every time he does one, he gets bolder.

"We have forgiven him when he did a trick on a prize-giving event. We have forgiven him in countless pasts. This latest caper is already too much. He is already desecrating the symbol of the nation, the symbol of democracy, the "Saint of People Power."

"For him to demand the removal of the little window screen showing the funeral march of the woman who got ABS-CBN back from Marcos is a blasphemy of democracy, an act despicable as him fucking his own mother.

"He may have the right to demand it, but he never waited until the next commercial break to quietly do it. He expressed his angst against Corazon Aquino funeral being shown side by side his "Wowowee" right before the dumbstruck millions of Filipino viewers around the globe.

"For this, Alyansa ng Filipinong Mamamahayag (AFIMA) demands in the strongest terms for the Movie and Televisions Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) to give him the hardest lesson for him to learn."

Revillame tried to explained his side and not intended to disrespect the memory of Cory Aquino.



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