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Last July 25, Kapuso star Richard Gutierrez together with his parents Eddie Gutierrez and Annabelle and his two legal counsel Atty. Agnes Maranan and Atty. Hans Santos went to the thanksgiving party in collaboration of the successful rating of Zorro.

At that time, PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) interviewed him regarding the issue about Nomar's wife accusations. Richard told PEP about his feelings and heartache regarding of what happen to Nomar and his wife's accusations to him.

Richard cited that after he came out of the hospital, he immediately when to the wake of Nomar eventhough he still in an emotional stress and trauma after the accident. He tried to talk to Lorayne but she didn't response. Afterwards, Lorayne approach him telling that they have to talked in a private place. But Richard refuse to talk to her because he knew that because of emotional stress and feelings that surrounds them, that is not the right time and the right place to think and analyze everything. But he promised to Lorayne after the wake of Nomar they will talked but the other party didn't communicate anymore after the wake eventhough Nomar's father know Richard's number.

He also told that after the cremation, he offered support by means of educational plan for Nomar's two children until college (Nomar's wish when he was still alive), monthly financial support for three years but Lorayne refuse to accept the offer because she want 4 million in cash.

Richard admit he was hurt after all he has done in Nomar's family.



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