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Narda is now the official title of the tv and movie remake of Marian Rivera's Darna.

According to the staff of the Narda remake, they will use the classic version of Darna wherein Marian will play the role of Narda in a crippled situation just like Gina Alajar and Vilma Santos.

Iwa Moto potray the role of Valentina, the ultimate nemesis of Darna; Nadine Samante as "Babaeng Impakta"; Isabel Oli as "Babaeng Tuod"; beauty-queen actress Maggie Wilson as "Babaeng Lawin" and Ehra Madrigal as "Babaeng Linta" while Mark Anthony Fernandez is now the official partner of Marian in Darna. Other casts are Raymart Santiago, Paolo Contis, at Gabby Eigenmann.



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