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Another issue for Baron Geisler? Again? Again? Again?

During the shooting of I'll Be Waiting for You, the upcoming movie of Aljur Abrenica & Kris Bernal in Regal Entertainment, Baron Geisler and Aljur Abrenica create a commotion and misunderstanding between of them.

Around 4:30 in the morning, the "misunderstanding" happen during their shooting in Bohol. According to the source, the scene is that Baron will kick and push away Aljur then Aljur will fight back. But apparently, Baron's kick was suddenly in reality basis so Aljur do the same thing.

Geisler threatened Abrenica: 'Do that again and I will punch your face!'"

Mother Lily Monteverde heard about this and says that she will talk to Geisler and give sanction for what he has done.

Another rumor is that every night Baron is drunk especially during the set.


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