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Ruby Rose Barrameda-Jimenez, sister of beauty queen-actress Rochelle Barrameda is finally found after two years and confirm dead and found in a drum with cement and steel box.

She was found in a steel box in the river of Navotas yesterday June 10, 2009. She was identified wearing khaki slacks, stripe shirts and earrings. It was also confirmed by the Philippine National Police Crime Laboratory by means of dental record of the victim.

Rochelle Barrameda offer P 500,000 reward last March 14, 2007 to the public that tells the whereabouts of her sister. She believes that Ruby Rose was kidnapped in Alabang Muntinlupa and the prime suspect is the husband of Ruby Rose, Manuel Jimenez III

"Ang kapal-kapal ng mukha ninyo para sabihing wala kayong alam! Ang kapal ng mukha n'yo! Sana kung anuman ang nararamdaman namin, maramdaman n'yo rin, maramdaman din ng pamilya n'yo!"

But according to Mario Aguinaldo, legal attorney of Manuel Jimenez that his client doesn't have any knowledge nor anything to do regarding Ruby Rose's death.

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