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Michael Jackson, the King of Pop died last Thursday afternoon (June 25, US time zone) in UCLA Los Angeles, California at the age of 50 due to cardiac arrest.

According to the report, paramedics found the body around 12:30 pm. They performed CPR and took him to UCLA Medical Center.

According to Brian Oxman, family attorney of the Jackson, some relatives of Michael are already in UCLA and many people awaiting outside hearing about the news.

"I can only tell you that the family members are crying and I just have not been able to confirm anything, other than to hug them and tell them that I love them"

Michael Jackson was biggest musical artist in the '80s, starting with his phenomenal album Thriller and his other musics.

He is the seventh of nine children of the Jackson family; which includes singer-actress Janet Jackson.

Jackson was supposed to stage 10 shows in London, starting July 8, that will serve as his "last" concert.

Michael was survived by his three children: Prince Michael I, Paris and Prince Michael II.


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