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Almost 300 dolphins were stranded in the shallow waters of Pilar, Bataan Philippines. Tuesday morning when the residents of Pilar sighted the dolphins so immediately they called the Philippine Coast Guard and Local Government Unit. Three dolphins were found dead.

BFAR Director Malcolm Sarmiento says that there are two possible reasons why the dolphins found their way in the shallow waters of Bataan. First, the seaquake wherein they are caught while diving for food. He also explained that seaquake can affect the dolphin's eardrums, "once that their eardrums are injured, they become disoriented and lose their sense of direction. They cannot dive for food resulting in situation that they become weak and hunger.

Second, is that the pack has a sick leader. There is a possibility of mass beaching if sick leader is not isolated from the pack.

It is common for dolphins to beach themselves in the Philippines but rarely in such great numbers. On this occasion they were melon-head dolphins which are considered a "threatened species", meaning they are likely to become endangered in the future.

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2 responses to "300 Dolphins Stranded in Bataan, Philippines"

  1. Anonymous On February 10, 2009 at 8:21 AM

    Why are there driving the dolphins away from the seashore. People should let them stay there for awhile. Maybe they need to stay there for awhile. Just protect them from some people who will take advantage of the situation.

  2. Shen On February 11, 2009 at 3:14 AM

    Dolphins will be affected by a long stay in the shore and might threaten their life. This is the reason why they should be moved away from the shore as soon as possible.